St. Cecilia's Church
 St. Cecilia Roman Catholic
Church, Archdiocese ofBaltimore
St. Cecilia Church St. Cecilia - Patron Saint of Music

About Us


St. Cecilia's Church has served the Walbrook Junction Community of Baltimore, MD and surrounding neighborhoods since 1902.

Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Cecilia Roman Catholic Church is to foster and develop a strong church family of belivers in Jesus Christ, our Savior.  We will spread the Word of God amongst our membership and community, so that all may hear, believe, and live the Lord's plan for salvation.  We will accomplish this mission through Christian fellowship, religious education and teachings, prayer, and applying God's Holy Word.  While honoring the tradition of our African American heritage and encouraging the involvement of all cultures, we pray that all who enter this church will feel welcomed, loved, and strengthened in their journey with Christ.

Our church staff and leadership:

Rev. Abel Agbulu, in Residence
Bro. William Stover
Connie Bannister, Office Secretary

Darron Woodus, Parish Council President
Michael Middleton, Youth Coordinator
Joseph Parham, Youth Religious Education
Annette Thomas, R.C.I.A.
Herb Mills, Mass Choir Director
Nicholas Dorsey, G.E.N.I.S.I.C. Co-Choir Director
Kemit Price, G.E.N.I.S.I.C. Co-Choir Director

Helaine Gear, Children's Choir Director

Angela McCutheon, Soup Kitchen

James Hawkins, Boy Scouts

For general information, contact us at:

3300 Clifton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21216
Phone: 410-624-3600
Fax: 410-945-0157


Rev. Sylvester Peterka, C.M., Pastor
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